We're committed to providing equal opportunities for people with special needs, therefore we've designed and planned the website to meet the accessibility guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium at level AA.

For comments and suggestions, please contact us: If you've seen areas that are incorrect or do not meet the accessibility requirements, please contact us and we will fix them accordingly.
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Compliance with standards:
- All pages on this site are written in proper HTML5 code. Writing proper code ensures proper work of assistive technologies used by people with disabilities (such as screen readers for use by the blind).
- The content on the site is semantic. Contains headings, tables of information, lists, paragraphs, proper links, form controls and image descriptions if they are meaningful.
- Frames displayed from other sites are defined in title variables. Their accessibility, however, depends on the hosting site. For example - Facebook in the side area of the content pages.
- The forms on the site are accessible to screen readers and keyboard users.

The display on the website:
You can change the size of the text on the site.
The minimum recommended resolution for viewing the site is 980 pixels wide. It should be noted that even at a resolution lower than this, the site can be viewed.
The site is optimized for viewing on mobile devices (responsive).
You can browse the site without CSS and get a decent result.
You can make changes to the font size, animations, contrast, and fonts using the accessibility menu on the website.